The last Poems out Loud was held on the 15th of March. We had a smaller group than usual – eight people. The winter folk had gone back to their own countries and others were working or on holiday. Nevertheless we had an interesting intimate session.

We began by talking about our own thoughts about home. Many of the group now regarded Gran Canaria as home, although still appreciated trips to the their countries of origin. It seems we’re all enamoured by this beautiful island and when we fly back feel we are coming home. That must have been good for our Canarian friend Lucia to hear. .

The choice of poems were varied. We began appropriately with “Home Thoughts from Abroad” by Robert Browning, read beautifully by Heather Robertson. Several poems were about Spanish speakers living in the United States, read in both English and Spanish. Greta-Lil read about Wales as well as about her home country, Norway. Poems by Gace Nicholls reminded us that foreigners living in England have memories of their home countries too. Food, sounds, smells predominated.

By the end of the afternoon, prompted by the response to the poems, I decided we were, as Betty’s poem suggested,  Europeans, possbily internationalists.

The theme for the April meeting of POEMS OUT LOUD will be NATURE. Date to be confirmed.