29 09, 2017

Reading Club, Next Meeting 25th October

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We shall discuss "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen. As usual, at 7:30pm in our Club.

4 05, 2017

The novel “The Stranger”, by Albert Camus, in the British Club of Las Palmas

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Albert Camus's "The Stranger" was the Book of the Month, chosen to discuss on Wednesday, March 22, by the Reading Club of the British Club of Las Palmas. Albert Camus, was born in Mondovi, French Algeria, on November 7, 1913. He died in Villeblevin, France, on January 4, 1960. He was a novelist, essayist, playwright, [...]

6 03, 2017

Reading Club 22nd of February

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Once again, another Wednesday with out Reading Club. The chosen book was a complete success thanks to Professor Melvyn Elphee. Aravind Adiga was unknown to most of us, it was indeed a fantastic find of both a great writer and country. During seven nights, Balram Halwai helped us to go all over India with a [...]

2 02, 2017

Reading Club 25th January

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Last Wednesday, 25th of January, it took place, as always, our meeting around a book, On this ocassion our dear friend Professor Melvyn Elphee, delighted us with an outstanding presentation about the chosen book, that is, “The Great Gatsby”. The lost generation, the American dream, and Scott Fitzgerald´s specific visión about the society in those [...]

27 12, 2016


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As most of you know, on the 23rd of November, we agreed with all reading club members to have a Christmas “holiday” and put our sessions on hold during the month of December. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL!!!! We take this opportunity to thank Margarita J. Curbelo for her outstanding presentation given to us about [...]

9 11, 2016

Reading Club 23rd of November

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Book to read "Under the volcano" written by Malcom Lowry

28 10, 2016

Reading club 26th october 2016

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Last Wednesday once againg, we held our monthly Reading Club meeting. We chose Ernest Hemingway on this occasion as our main discussion topic. The presentation and comments were held by Mr. Gerardo López Intelangelo and also Mr. Raúl Sánchez Quevedo, both great experts about the artist´s life. The chosen novel for this month´s Reading meeting [...]

30 09, 2016

Reading club 28th september

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Yesterday´s afternoon, 28th of September, we hosted our monthly meeting to discuss about a book. This time it was "Venecia y otros cuentos de amor y alcohol""Venice and other love and alcohol´s tales" written by Jonathan Allen (anglocanary). Professor Frank González Guerra introduced it and also gave a presentation about this great multifaceted artist´s background. [...]

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