Last Wednesday once againg, we held our monthly Reading Club meeting.

We chose Ernest Hemingway on this occasion as our main discussion topic. The presentation and comments were held by Mr. Gerardo López Intelangelo and also Mr. Raúl Sánchez Quevedo, both great experts about the artist´s life.

The chosen novel for this month´s Reading meeting was “Fiesta”, published in 1926, setting the start of his successful literary career. The novel takes place between Paris and Pamplona, where the main protagonists enjoy of a “San Fermín fiesta”. This is the reason as for why the book is titled as such.

Besides the numerous anecdotes mentioned about the Nobel Prize´s fearful life, we also tackled his overall literary work, as well as how this influenced in the cinema. Some of his novels were used as film scripts in movies such as “Adios a las armas” or “Las Nieves del Kilimanjaro” among others.