Dear members,

Welcome back to the Club after the month of August and trust you have all enjoyed your holiday and feel relaxed and ready to take part in the many events we have planned for the month of September. 

As informed by the President in her letter to the members, we have taken advantage of the closure to carry out a few minor improvements, e.g. a new floor has been laid in the  bar and the terrace and kitchen have been painted, and as always a thorough cleaning has been carried out.


 7th Reading Club.  Time as usual.  Dña Marylola will be in contact with her group as always.

9th and 10thThe Jens Ole BridgeTournament.  As always you have to inscribe your name..  Lists will be up in the club and also on line.

14th Talk “Virtual Intelligence”  given by Miss Valeria Casado. To date our youngest guest to give us a talk.  Valeria has recently completed her University studies in England and has kindly offered to come along and enlighten us on this very up-to-date subject..  Time – 19:00 h

23rd Talk by Mr. Gustavo Winter on the myth of the Cofete House

30th Presentation of the book by Ms. Isabel Santervaz – “Aker El pingüino emperador”.

We shall confirm times nearer the dates.  Just a little advance  to October –  our first afternoon tea will take place on the 7th but of course we shall give more details  closer to  the date, but nevertheless   please make a note of the events on  your calendars.  Also please note that the restaurant will be closed on Saturday evenings during the month of September.   Obviously this doesn´t mean that if you wish to have a party or a large gathering we would not open.  In this case, please talk to Adriana.

Once again we would say, how vital it is that our members use the club and its restaurant  because only in this way can the Club survive,.  As you are all aware, times are very difficult, and the costs, especially of an old building, are high.

We look forward to seeing you in the Club.