Normal days of playing:
  • TUESDAYS     a las 17,30 hrs.
  • THURSDAYS  a las 17,30 hrs.
  • SATURDAYS   a las 17,30 hrs. (suspended)  
  • Remember you can order tapas during and after the game.
On Monday mornings we practice bridge from 11.00 until 13.00 hrs.
We will revise 10 – 12 hands played in a previous tournament. After each one, we shall compare the results with the best results obtained, and explain how you can improve.
This practice is open to players of all levels and you do not need to come with a partner.  If you come alone,we shall always find someone for you to play with.
The Price for members is €3,and €5 for non members. It´s a very pleasant and agreeable way to enjoy bridge.
We look forward to seeing you.

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